Ballet in Cleveland Presents: The Ashley Bouder Project

Ballet has been my life since I was a tiny seed inside my beautiful ballet mother’s womb. Flowers became half my life when I needed to work to help support my ballet training and beyond. I am so thankful this many years later to have both art forms going strong in my life!

I met Jessica Wallis, founder of Ballet in Cleveland, through Cleveland Ballet Conservatory, where I’m currently an instructor. She found out that I was not only a ballet teacher, but a florist as well, and the wheels began to turn! Jessica had Ballet in Cleveland’s First Annual Gala coming up and asked if I could do the flowers for the event. Ballet and flowers in the same place? Yes, please!

Fast forward to October 2014 and we have The Ashley Bouder Project! What an amazing event to be apart of as a ballet lover, teacher, and floral designer!  Jessica wanted to go with a Red and Black color scheme to coincide with Joshua Beamish’s world premier, Rouge et Noir, but also wanted to keep an autumnesque vibe going. The result: white pumpkins wrapped in black lace, set upon red glass cake plates, with an abundance of red candles and red rose petals surrounding! Couple this with Bin 216’s art deco darkness and it looked pretty rouge et noir to me.

I am honored to be Ballet in Cleveland’s florist and look forward to their next special event which most certainly will not disappoint! Two words: Misty Copeland!

Photos by Rachel Shehy

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